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#Hurray! #Hurray!! #Hurray!!! **
#A new #NGO just arrived Nigeria with a programme called #BBCNETWORK.
   #Be your own boss and Own a brand new car without spending a dime from your pocket
  This programme aims @ changing the lives of Nigerians by raising entrepreneurs and self employed individuals especially unemployed Youth.
  #To be at the top this wonderful organization , join now with one time payment of (£31)₦6400 no hidden charges,
y our entrepreneurs life style is guaranteed and start making good cash straight intoyour Nigeria bank account*._If truly you want to be successful in life this the right opportunity for you_
1. Own a personal business without spending a dimefrom your pocket
2. Be trained in a specified area of your choice
3. Become a brand new car owner in a very short time.
4. Become a CEO of your own company
5 Visit any country of your choice for seminar and training
6 scholarship for your children
7. Brand new house will built for you
8. Money to fund your company until it is running efficiently
9. Do you have skills already, then come and start earning to teach others your skills
10. Join us and become your own boss. 
         #Say no to answer Sir (slave I remain) in your entire life become your own boss by taking this decision to change your life by yourself Today
      #This is the world best running NGO company set up to reduce, eliminate #unemployment.its a wealthcome idea because there is no crime in telling your friends and family about such a wonderful #Opportunity*.
    #Our MASS REGISTRATION has just commence in Nigeria       #Remember the decision you take today determines what your tomorrow will become*The best you can do for yourself is to join now and be at the TOP. Dont be left behind
   #leadership position are still vacant in some states
comment number and state if interested