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Over the Years many entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world have being try to improve their business, to break into the international market and stand out as an industrial leader in their Niche. This vision has being Handicapped because the Basic tool required to Do this which is a website, they lack due to the heavy billing structure and finding the right web development firm.

Some others have gotten a website, paid huge money for it but still failed because they couldn’t maintain the website within the budget or also lack the technical skills to do it themselves

With This in mind Multi Creative Technology Global, one of the best Digital marketing firms in Nigeria Launch this campaign called GO GLOBAL. This is a campaign initiated to help business from start-ups to Enterprise embrace the power of Digital Technology in their Business within their Budget.

Irrespective of its cheap pricing structure, All Plans in this GO GLOBAL has been carefully created with the End User in mind and it contains every digital tool a business needs to Grow. its beauty is that it provide business owners the ability to focus on what really matters (their product and services) while Multi Creative Technology Global handles the marketing for them

The Vision of the GO GLOBAL Campaign is to Help 50,000 Nigeria Business Embrace digital technology and  be not just Visible Active  online Before 2020

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Country Nigeria
State/Province Edo
distance: 587 Miles
Address MCT GLOBAL, Benin City, Nigeria